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Fly Fishing, Hiking & More

Fly Fishing, Hiking & More

The story behind Fintastic Adventures de Ecuador

By Ian Ropke


Retired and energetic, James Drummondo and his family touched down in Ecuador in late 2009. Before Ecuador, James was a fire chief in California and the owner of an international home inspection franchise. But he was also a passionate nature enthusiast and an experienced fly fishing angler. In Cuenca he found a new landscape and saw opportunities. His business, Fintastic Adventures de Ecuador, offers both world-class fly fishing experiences and high-value hiking excursions.

mw with trout 2When James first arrived in Cuenca, he hired a fly fishing guide through a very reputable tour service. “My fishing equipment hadn’t arrived yet and I was dying to test the waters in El Cajas. I was very specific with the office manager that I wanted to go fly fishing. We discussed fly fishing for a bit and how there are more and more gringos coming here who enjoy fly fishing. I asked if the guide had good fly fishing gear and much experience and the reply was, “Of course, he’s our main guy”. I paid $120 for the day. The rod he had for me was a telescopic spinning rod with a broken tip and the reel was taped to the rod seat. There wasn’t a fly rod within 50 miles. I immediately called (and woke up) the manager and asked why I was mislead and he gave me the same answer, “Well, That’s how we fly fish in Ecuador. “Not for a $120” I replied. So traditional fly fishing was out of the question. I took a few videos that day and my last video was of my guide fishing by himself on the other side of the lake. That’s when I saw the need for a quality guide service.”


As part of his dream, James co-founded the Cuenca Fly Fisher’s Club in April 2011. In 2013, he realized his vision of establishing Ecuador’s first catch and release trout fishery.

For world-class fishing and hiking in the majestic Cajas region, get in touch with James and see something truly different!

Fintastic Adventures de Ecuador offers these services: 1) Fly Fishing Outings (spinner gear also available) 2) Custom tied flies 3) On The Water Fly Fishing Clinics 4) Hiking adventures in the Cajas National Park area.


“Fly Fishing for rainbow and brown trout is what we do best. Want to learn the art of fly fishing? On the water fly fishing clinics are also available for beginners.


“And for hikers we offer breath-taking guided nature hikes on private land where you will visit paper tree forests, sparkling lakes, crystal clear ponds, cascading streams, dramatic sheer cliffs, waterfalls and wild llamas. These hikes are unique and customized just for you. After your outing, enjoy an authentic Cajas fireside trout lunch. Outings are limited to only 4 people. We can accommodate larger groups if desired and provide one guide per every 4 hikers. Most importantly, my main goal is to have each and every client have a safe and memorable experience.  For additional information and testimonials regarding any of the hiking or fishing outings please visite our website    Winner of Best of Gringo Post — Best Fishing and Hiking Guide 2015


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